Keeshond Club of America

Keeshond Club of America - Rescue Organizations

These listings are not KCA recommendations, but resources. You should thoroughly investigate all rescue organizations before entering into contracts and adoptions. (The information can be sorted by clicking on the header name, for example to sort by state, click on "State").

KCA Rescue Grace, MaryEllen Massachussettes (508) 222-3300 -
Bay Area Rescue Keeshonden, Inc. Eldredge, Debbie California (650) 949-1528
Florida Keeshond Rescue Hollingsworth,June Florida (904) 223-6591
Heritage Trail Keeshond Club Grace, MaryEllen Massachussettes (508) 222-3300
Karing Keeshond Rescue Wilson, Norm New Mexico (505) 662-9544
Keeshond Lovers United, Inc. Hintzman,Judy Kansas (785) 832-0430
Peak To Peak Keeshond Rescue Miller, Sharon Colorado (303) 426-6606
Second Chance Keeshond Rescue King, Tracy A. Florida (407) 552-7136
Southern California Keeshond Rescue McCoy, Susan California (805) 527-4096
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