AKC Registration Statistics

These files include the counts of litters, litter complement, and dogs registered for your breed since 2008. [Note:  “Complement” is the count of pups from each AKC litter.]  The .pdf also includes the counts of unique dogs and bitches that are breeding and participating in conformation.  Those counts are finite and will change only minimally over time and generally only due to cancellations of litters, dogs and/or awards.


AKC's rationale for sharing this data:

Although registration numbers have been on the rise now for a number of years after nearly two decades of continuous decline, some breeds are not rebounding as well as others.  The Board and staff have discussed this matter, and we are reaching out to each Parent Club to determine how AKC registration processes and procedures can be improved to better support breeders and to explore how AKC could further assist Parent Clubs in their mission to develop and steward their breeds.  Additionally, the Board has asked that certain registration information be shared with each Parent Club in order to provide a statistical snapshot of the current state of each breed and to stimulate discussion within and between clubs and staff regarding possible improvement initiatives.